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Indianapolis Fire Department

The Indianapolis Fire Station number 7 and the headquarters is located in the heart of downtown Indianapolis.  The building is used as offices for the administration and as a fire house the services the downtown area.  Station 16 is a fire house located on the north side of Indianapolis and services the area around Butler University.  The station 7 and headquarters building project was an exterior paint project.  the building is three stories tall and has various colors through out the building.  Station 16 project was a little more intense.  the station 16 project involved taking off the old garage doors and framing in new garage doors that were larger in size in order to accommodate larger trucks.  One of the biggest obstacles was that there were many parts that had to remain or be replicated in order to keep the same historical look.  We also installed a concrete area around the flag in a form of the symbol used by the fire department.  the area is surrounded with a few trees in order to make for a nice area to relax for the firemen on duty.

Indianapolis Fire Station

Headquarters building from the side

Station 7 ( entrance to Headquarters)

Station 7 truck bay

Station 16 after completion of the garage door enlarging project.



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