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Kokomo Manor Apartments

Kokomo Manor Apartments was an exterior and interior rehab project.  This project was funded by a tax credit program, we work extensively with the owners in order to meet all criteria on the project.  On the exterior we installed a new roof, replacing all damaged plywood as you can see in the pictures below there were many damaged areas.  We also replaced all the siding on the building, along with the entry doors.  As for the interior we replaced all kitchen cabinetry, standard and ADA accessible cabinets.  The flooring and trim was also replaced in building common areas and we transformed one unit into an ADA compliant apartment. 

Kokomo Manor Apartmets

The areas above are all examples of roof damaged, where the plywood was damaged and leaking had occured.


This picture shows the building with the old siding and the new roof installed.

This is the finished design with the new doors, roof, and siding.

The above pictures show the buildings after the new siding and roofs were installed all brick was tuck pointed and some bricks were matched and replaced

This is a picture of the cabinetry in the kitchen before the interior rehab.


The above pictures show what the cabinets look like after the rehab project.

This is a picture of the bathroom in the ADA conversion before any changes had been made.


Above are pictures of all modifications to the bathroom in the ADA conversion.  A new roll in shower with seat and grab bars was installed along with a new ADA approved toilet and a wall hung sink.  The bath was also modified to accommodate a larger door.



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